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From a Duke's former office to a bakers dream kitchen...

Functionality was top of the wish list for our clients, Roz and Michael, when it came to replacing their old “impractical” kitchen. We hear how the KC team ignited the couple’s excitement for the project and in what ways the final design took their every need into account.

The Brief

Dating back to the 1900s, Roz and Michael’s East Yorkshire property was initially built as an office for the Duke of Norfolk. This meant that while it had a wealth of fascinating history, it offered limited convenience as a family home when they moved in 30 years ago. Since that time, the couple have remodelled elements of the build, improving flow, practicalities, and aesthetics throughout, but felt their existing farmhouse-style kitchen majorly lacked convenience. Craving a complete change, they wanted a much more modern kitchen both in terms of looks and functionality.

The Design

To get the project off the ground, they asked three different kitchen designers to come up with ideas but felt uninspired by the results. “While the designs looked nice enough, they weren’t operational and didn’t excite us enough to proceed,” recalls Roz. Later, a chance passing of KC’s West Yorkshire showroom led to the couple calling in and having a conversation with managing and design director Richard. “We were so impressed with his approach that we pretty much gave him free rein on the design, having chosen the KC Exclusively Made In-Frame range.”

The Process

Following a home visit, Richard presented his plans to Roz and Michael, which they say ignited their passion for the project. “We loved what he came up with,” comments Roz. “It was totally different to anything else we’d been presented with and was clearly designed around our lifestyle. It’s a busy home with family and visitors, plus I do a lot of baking and cooking from scratch, so we needed space and storage while keeping everything in easy reach.”

In addition to the kitchen fit, the project included bricking up three out of six windows in the room and installing underfloor heating and outlet flues. For Richard’s design to go ahead, there was also the huge task of removing a supporting central column and putting in an RSJ, which resulted in the ceiling being lowered. Many would find such a process stressful, but Roz praised the KC team for their professional input and execution. “The team were so pleasant, helpful and thorough, plus they left everything spotless.”

The Results

A contemporary kitchen where convenience is key, the couple’s bespoke KC design has provided them with the space and functionality they so greatly desired. “Everything has been placed so considerately that it makes cooking in the kitchen both easy and enjoyable,” says Roz.

The In-Frame blue-black cabinets and drawers are finished with sleek white Lapitec worktops while the breakfast bar is topped with a distinct piece of contrasting granite. A large central island provides an anchor point for family time, socialising, and food prep, plus there’s clever storage concealing everyday appliances seamlessly behind cupboard doors. Miele and Liebherr appliances complete the fit.

“The design of our old kitchen was so impractical,” says Roz. “This was a big change but one that has made life so much more pleasant for us. I like everything to be clean and tidy, so it’s great that appliances are out of sight and that we have ample storage resulting in more of a minimalistic feel overall.”

KC Client Notes

What do you love most about the kitchen design?

How conveniently placed everything is. The thought of having to bend to lift mixers out and search through cupboards was enough to put me off baking, whereas now the appliances are plugged in, ready to go, and the large drawers make it much easier to organise and access the things I need.

And what reaction does it get from visitors?

We’ve had some lovely compliments on the kitchen, with everyone commenting on what a big transformation it is. The mirror gets a lot of attention too.

What is your favourite feature of the space?

The appliance cabinets which keep every day and baking items hidden behind closed doors, so the worktops don’t become cluttered.

Why would you recommend KC Design House?

Richard’s ideas, experience and attention to detail. He is so thorough and innovative in his thinking. The whole team operates perfectly - they ensure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.

What is your next interior project?

Before the kitchen project, we had a burst pipe which meant we had to redecorate five rooms, so we’re going to take a little break for now!

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