KC Design House Manufacture

Upon completion of the “Survey” process the workshop order and plans can be produced. These are drawn in line with exact on site measurements to ensure the project furniture is optimised to suit design briefs and concepts.

The plans are then handed over to the Workshop Manager and the Workshop team by the same designer who has been involved throughout the order process to give exact details of clients requirements.  The Workshop Manager will then order the suitable materials to complete the project, being mindful to get the highest quality materials offset with minimising waste.

Throughout the manufacturing process we ensure quality is at the forefront of our minds as we produce the various components to bring the furniture together. Whether it be from wood selection, cutting, finish sanding and applying our various paint finishes.

The Workshop team are given a schedule to work to in terms of a delivery date and endeavour to produce all furniture to hit that deadline. They understand the importance of a project being delivered on schedule to minimise the amount of time the client’s home is disrupted.

This process is then passed onto the “Installation” stage.

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