Go Green

Lighting in the Showroom & The Workshop

We are very conscious how wasteful it is by leaving unnecessary lights switched on. The display  lights, are only switched on when clients walk through the door. Using a Cybus Home Automation system combined with LED lightening ensures maximum efficiency.

By using a timer switch, it ensures that all lights are turned off at 10pm every night and the showroom isn’t lit on a Sunday. The same applies to the lighting in the workshop, but the use of natural light cascades through the ceiling often means electric lighting isn’t necessary.
Workshop machinery is always turned off at the main switch if not in use, and never left on stand-by.



We have installed a Quooker Cube which provides the Clients and KC employees with chilled & sparkling, filtered, cold and boiling water. This ensures we have removed plastic bottled water from the showroom.

It is the most energy-efficient hot water supply with an energy rating of A.

Glass and Cans

When sourcing soft drinks for clients, we only purchase drinks that are in a glass bottle or a can, as these are widely recyclable.

Computer Usage & Appliances

All computers are switched off at the mains at the end of the day. The use of the screen saver is activated if an employee leaves their desk for a period of time.

All appliances in both the showroom & workshop are switched off at the mains overnight.

Paper Wrap

KC Design House now use recycled paper wrap because:

- It's an environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap.
- The paper is 100% recyclable with biodegradable materials.
- The paper is returned back to the workshop to re-use wherever possible.

Ink Cartridges/Ink refills

All spent carridges are saved and recycled by a charity for monetry gain.
We have recently purchased a new printer which uses a refill system.  This is far more economical for the environment, as the bottles of ink are recyclable.

Client Folders

All inserts used in the clients folders are reused for subsequent clients.

Client Invoices/Payments
Unless a client has specifically requested a paper copy of their outstanding deposit/balance payment, all payment requests are sent via email.  Again this reduces the use of paper, postage and fuel helping the environment.


All spent batteries are placed in a collection container.  This is emptied annually at the local recycling plant, but only when an employee is passing the recycling centre.


Refills over Plastic Dispensers

We have recently changed the hand wash we use to remove the plastic hand wash dispensers from our Showroom and are now using Carex refill eco pack. The eco pack is equivalent of 4x standard 250ml Carex bottles and uses 85% less plastic to help us look after the environment.
Every little helps!


All KC employees compost any food items/coffee /teabags. They are placed in the compost caddie which is then taken to the external recycling compost bin.

Grass cuttings, any shredded confidential paper waste (although this is now minimal) and food items from the internal compost caddie are placed in here.  This is then placed on the boarders to help with the soil and the insects.