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A Complete Redesign for a Client with a Real Eye for Detail

A Complete Redesign for a Client with a Real Eye for Detail

The Brief
Having worked with our clients before on a previous home, we met them once again- this time enlisting the help of ONE17 Architects , who set about redesigning the entire property. The low-ceiling property featured some awkward, angled walls- something we hoped to both work around and tweak in order to create a space with no compromise on function or aesthetic appeal.

Commissioned independently as a result of our client's confidence in us and their satisfaction with the projects we’d worked together on previously, we got to work immediately.

The Challenge
Our clients had bought their new home with a new kitchen already installed, yet it was immediately obvious to them that it didn’t meet their needs in terms of design or style.

During our lengthy consultation process, we established a detailed brief and wish list before setting out a design concept. A naturally dark, low-ceilinged room, the space needed a complete rethink in order to bring it in line with the high standards and vision our clients had for their new property.

The Outcome
Remodelling the room by blocking up a window and creating a beautiful, family breakfasting area- we introduced a stunning lighting system and moved the kitchen furniture to the other side of the large room.

Going for a KC Exclusive mix of French polished and hand-painted furniture, complete with tables, chairs and bar stools, the couple were absolutely delighted with the end product: a reworked kitchen which perfectly complemented their new family home.